New/Old Car Selling Web Portal


New/Old Car Selling Web Portal : At pCube we have Design & Develop, pre-define and customize automobile web portal from where customer can use this portal as New/Old Car Selling Web Portal or car informatics web portal. Today, the market is so competitive that people are looking for instant services at their doorstep. In the present age of modernization, most of the people are busy searching for either popular mobile brands or car range in the market. The car market offers a wide range of choice along with a lot of competition. There are a large number of interested users who click on the websites providing useful information about the cars on sale.

As of now our New/Old Car Selling Web Portal has using by Indian as well as overseas customer.

Features :

  • Free Domain name
  • 5GB Website Hosting Space
  • Free Own Email ID
  • Unlimited Web page
  • Car Management
  • Administration panel dashboard

SEO optimized – using tags and links in search engines friendly format, SEO optimized content.


Multi language – can be translated easily to new languages by translating the lanaguage file (ready translations are also available, contact us for details).


Functionality to create own vehicle types, custom fields associated with them and also set the makes and models for every vehicle type


Simple and advanced search forms, with an option to quickly switch between them without reloading the entire page. Slide shows showing the featured vehicle listings


Manage the website structure – add new pages, rename or delete the current ones Edit the content of the pages with a WYSIWYG editor

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